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Vision Care

  • contacts and allergies

    How to Fight Eye Allergies If You Wear Contact Lenses

    If you wear prescription contact lenses, you never have to worry about misplacing your glasses, breaking them, or constantly having to wipe them clean. But that doesn’t mean that everything is fine and dandy. As any contact wearer can tell you, eye allergies during the spring can be an especially difficult time. You can fight […]

    Continue Reading April 20, 2021

  • computer screen and eye safety

    5 Tips for Keeping Your Vision Healthy While Using the Computer

    According to the AOA, the average American worker spends seven hours a day working in front of a screen, regardless of whether they work in an office or from home. This isn’t including time spent looking at smartphones, television screens, or computer screens once they’ve finished working. No wonder that many people are reporting eye […]

    Continue Reading March 2, 2021

  • eye health and coronary disease

    How Is Your Eye Health Connected to Heart Disease?

    The eyes are more than a window to the soul — they’re also a window into heart health! This is thanks to the system of blood vessels located behind the eyes. With comprehensive eye exams, optometrists are able to examine these blood vessels for valuable insights into heart health. Your eyes can act as an […]

    Continue Reading February 25, 2021

  • digital eye strain

    Do Blue Light Glasses Really Make a Difference?

    As more people work from home, the concern about damage from looking at digital screens for too long is a growing concern. One trending potential solution you may have heard of is blue light glasses. These special lenses are designed to protect your vision by blocking blue light from reaching your eyes. But that leaves […]

    Continue Reading January 11, 2021

  • dental wellness

    2021 Wellness Goals: Don’t Make This Common Mistake

    A new year brings new goals, possibilities, and challenges. For many people, it’s an opportunity to focus on their wellness and focus on their health. While this is always a good idea, many people do so without considering the health of their eyes. Vision health is essential for maintaining your overall health and including it […]

    Continue Reading December 21, 2020

  • kids holiday eye safety

    2020 Holiday Gift Guide to Eye-Friendly Toys

    There are few things more exciting to a child than opening presents during the holidays. The excitement of finding out that Santa brought them the toy they wanted can make it special for adults, as well. But toys can also present certain dangers that you may not think about when buying gifts for your child, […]

    Continue Reading December 15, 2020

  • Food for better vision

    Thanksgiving & Your Eye Health: What’s the Connection?

    When it comes to Thanksgiving, people are usually more concerned about their pants size than anything else. However, most people probably aren’t aware of the benefits that traditional Thanksgiving foods have on your vision. This is thanks to special antioxidants known as carotenoids, as well as other vitamins and minerals that support and protect your […]

    Continue Reading November 9, 2020

  • Fall vision safety

    Autumn Eye Safety

    You may have never considered it, but autumn brings its own special set of challenges to your eyes and vision. From the continuing spread of COVID-19 to leaf blowers blowing dirt, dust, pollen, and mold into the air, our eyes are at risk of unique problems in the fall. Make sure that you’re doing everything […]

    Continue Reading October 10, 2020

  • Sports eye safety

    5 Best Practices for Sports Eye Safety

    Sports and eye safety go hand in hand, or at least they should. The truth is that vision safety isn’t always a priority for most weekend warriors and student-athletes. Fortunately, protective eyewear for sports isn’t hard to come by. What’s more, one of your best resources for sports eye safety tips is your family eye […]

    Continue Reading September 28, 2020

  • Signs your child is struggling with their vision

    5 Signs Your Child is Struggling with Their Eyesight

    Like all parents, you want what’s best for your child, including healthy vision. While school vision tests can help indicate vision problems, it also pays to know what behaviors to look out for in case your child is having trouble seeing. This can give you a leg up on scheduling an appointment with your family […]

    Continue Reading September 17, 2020